Behold, the creative power of EGO!

UI/UX design is one of our main specialties. We believe in style that makes a statement and meticulously thought-out layouts that make for effective interaction. We’re constantly innovating and experimenting in the visual department, keeping a close eye on trends and perfecting our use of the tech.


Don’t take our word for it - see what our clients have to say about the process, the results and the plans ahead. Also, in these videos we talk about the methods we apply to our work.

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A few words from Ascendle CEO About EGO Creative Innovations

How EGO Helped CentralReach Build A Healthcare Platform

UBERDOC Founders On Partnership With EGO Creative Innovations


Here you find short video presentations of some of our projects, workflow standards and ideas.

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Case Study of UBERDOC, An Uber for the Doctors and Patients

How We Estimate QA Effort at EGO

Backend Testing at EGO Creative Innovations

What is EGO Creative Innovations About

EGO's Showcase: Driving tests, gamified

Our Documentation Standards — EGO Creative Innovations