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RFID Tracking System for Concrete and Steel Structures

Our client was Idencia - a US-based world leader using RFID technology in the precast concrete industry. It provides infrastructure manufacturers with a system for tagging and tracking concrete and steel structures. After collaborating with us and our partner Ascendle, the Idencia successfully released a brand new product to the market.

The Idencia initially had an RFID-based Windows desktop and mobile app which leading concrete manufacturers used for tracking and managing infrastructure assets throughout its entire life cycle – from the manufacturing phase to the maintenance process involved after installation. To set up a process of tracking information, the Idencia’s RFID tags were embedded in concrete or attached to steel structures.

When the client realized how necessary it was to keep up with technological trends, they decided to transfer their RFID information tracking system to a web and Android applications. In search of intelligent solutions, they referred to Ascendle, who took over project management and assigned us to development.

The challenge was to transfer the existing RFID information tracking system to a web and Android applications.

Scope of work

We provide our client with a high-quality product and designed a powerful and easy-to-use tool for its customers.

Scope of work

We delivered web and Android development services.This project is ongoing so we’re continuing to make improvements and add new features.


.NET developer
Xamarin developer

QA Engineer


3 years - Ongoing

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Making man’s life easier with a great user experience gets us enthused! This time our goal was to develop from scratch a handy and convenient working tool, consisting of the web and Android mobile applications, with which Quality Control Managers and production workers could ease up a bit and perform their daily duties simpler.

QC Managers

We developed the cloud-hosted Management Portal for QC Managers to make data viewing and reporting flexible and convenient.


For workers we created the Android mobile app that helps effortlessly collect the information following a simple step-by-step process, providing the opportunity to know the real-time status of each product in the various stages of manufacturing.

Such process optimization reduces production errors and results in significant cost savings.

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What’s interesting


The RFID Tracking System had to operate with different brands of handheld RFID and barcode scanners, so we put extra effort into studying provided SDKs and integrating them with the mobile application.


We moved the tracking system to the web, which was beneficial for the Client. Now all the information is securely stored on Microsoft Azure servers, and the system is managed in the cloud using a desktop or mobile device from anywhere 24/7.


When it comes to inventory management in precast concrete manufacturers, automatic data synchronization could be a real time-saver.  

As a worker records data on his mobile device, the system automatically synchronizes with other company devices, and data also becomes available for viewing and reporting on the web portal. This way everyone is working with up-to-date information.


Even though the connection was interrupted, the app automatically synchronizes once the connection is restored. Employees can be assured the information will get to the cloud in the background without making any effort.


The RFID Tracking System enables the collection and management of data not only during the production, but also in the build and operating phases.

For the construction manager, the system enables visibility of the entire supply chain, and for the project owner, the system allows for the management of building and maintenance of the asset over its life.


To provide the Client with a high-quality product, we eliminated even the slightest bugs, which were detected by automated unit tests which run on their own several times a day.

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Brilliant Outcome
Resulted in a Long-term Cooperation

We specially designed the RFID Tracking System as a powerful and easy-to-use tool with a user-friendly interface for utilization in a hard manufacturing working atmosphere.

Have we succeeded? 🤔


Yes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on the here reading this 😅

Here’s the proof:

This product daily brings real and tangible benefits to thousands of people and dozens of companies.

The RFID Tracking System is in high demand and active use, so the project is continuously adding new valuable features and bug-fixing support.

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Technology Stack


Microsoft ASP.NET MVC
Microsoft Entity Framework
Knockout. js


Manually testing using Acceptance tests
Smoke Testing
Performance Testing



Reposting Services

MMicrosoft SQL Server Reporting Services

3D-Party Services


Microsoft SQL Server






Custom hardware integration via RFID reader SDK