CentralReach asked us to develop an iOS and Android app that would provide key features for their platform.

We helped users access vital information on the go and without an internet connection.

Scope of work

We delivered a full range of services: we consulted on mobile product strategy, analyzed the UX, created the UI and UX, and developed iOS and Android apps from scratch.


February 2017 – Present


CentralReach is a US-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management cloud software provider that offers a fully integrated online solution to help behavior analysts, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other therapy-based service providers care for people affected by autism, hearing loss, and other conditions.

This unified platform allows service providers to connect, coordinate, and collaborate on client care. It allows providers to manage their practices efficiently while focusing on giving the best care possible.

Service providers

Behavioral Health Specialists, Speech Therapists, Multi Specialty Practitioners, School Specialists


Parents of children with special needs

CentralReach’s practice management system provides service providers and their clients (typically parents of children) with a wide range of features.

To improve clients’ interactions with the platform, CentralReach decided to create a mobile solution that would make their users’ lives more convenient.

The process

The first thing to consider when developing a healthcare app is compliance with HIPAA security standards. With our background in creating medical apps, we know how to combine HIPAA compliance, an emotional UI, and a smart UX into a handy app.




To make the development process more efficient, we used the Xamarin cross-platform framework. Xamarin lets us deliver apps on two platforms quickly and cost-effectively.

We collaborated closely with CentralReach’s Lead Server Engineer and their web development team to convert tasks into designs and code. As a result, we developed iOS and Android apps that perfectly integrate with the CentralReach web application.

Our PM during a meeting with the CentralReach Team

User journey

We decided to start the design process with defining and building a core app structure and navigation. This strategy helped us create the app’s logic.

The application supports the fingerprint authentication feature for both iOS and Android

In-app navigation represented with the simple side drawer.

We integrated Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS devices to implement a route guidance feature.

In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, client data is further protected by a lockscreen feature. Users may also log out via lockscreen, in case the app is being used by several specialists within one organization

Modal View with different file options

To prevent the app from “hogging” all the memory on a device, services providers can decide for themselves how much space the app will use to store files and can control the storage level, conveniently in the app settings


We started with sketches on paper. After discussing a lot of different concepts, we came up with high fidelity wireframes.

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