Care Marketplace for Patients and doctors

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Priority access to the best doctors at an affordable price

Established in Andover in 2016, UBERDOC aims to improve the way we find and make appointments with healthcare specialists. The company created a marketplace that allows patients to find doctors and schedule urgent appointments (either offline or online) at a flat and transparent fee.

Dr. Paula Muto, a Founder of UBERDOC, has been heading a private surgical practice group for general and vascular surgery. For many years, she firsthand witnessed long wait times and inconveniences for the patients that are intrinsic to the US healthcare system, so an idea of a pay-for-fee business model of care marketplace was born as a possible fix for the problem.

For a flat fee, the platform gets you in touch with a doctor, aiming for an appointment – either online or live in your area – to take place within 24 hours.

Dr. Paula Muto’s goal is to create independent and seamless access to healthcare, ensuring a transparent pricing for procedures, lab tests, X-rays, etc. For that reason, in August 2020 UBERDOC partnered with MYRX365 to guarantee transparent pricing for prescriptions.

Specialist easy search
Quick Appointment
Online Secure Payment

The challenge was to apply the principles used in ride-sharing apps to healthcare, building an app that would let both doctors register their services and patients connect with the doctors they prefer.


Our website application development company helped build a complex web solution as per technical requirements from the client.

Scope of work

We expanded an MVP with additional features within six months and then have been polishing it for another year. We continue to support and maintain it.


Project Manager

Tech Lead

DevOps specialist

Web Developers

QA Engineer


December 2018 - ongoing

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The process

With the user stories provided by UBERDOC, we’ve been able  to follow the best SCRUM processes, enabling a smooth, transparent and effective development.

User flow defining and building a core platform structure and navigation. This strategy helped us to rethink and update it.

They worked in an Agile method, creating and working through story points.
Dr. Paula Muto

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The key features of the UBERDOC platform that we implemented:

Personal user profiles for doctors and patients

The appointmends can be had in a telemedicine format through the platform

Fast booking process

Direct access to top specialists
Accelerated appointment availability
One transparent and affordable price

 Admin Pannel

Appointment status tracking
Accelerated appointment availability
One transparent and affordable price

Development tools:

Stripe as a payment gateway

Raygun for automatic crash report generation

Google Maps API for maps, distance measuring, route advisory 

Metronic, a CSS theme for Admin Dashboard Team

SendGrid integrated via Azure for email management

Recurly for subscription management and service charging

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What's interesting


As a web application company, we delivered three versions of the platform before releasing it into the wild before moving on to maintenance works and updates.


Updates mostly have to do with the industry specifics. For instance, we needed to allow for one hospital to have a number of locations.


In this project, the EGO web development services company had also implemented fuzzy search. Specifically, it helps users find a hospital even if they make a mistake or don’t use the hospital’s complete name when searching.


HIPAA compliance for the platform was ensured in the appointment request form, where patients would specify their health issues.

EGO delivered great quality for our budget and allowed us to do things we weren’t able to do before.
Dr. Paula Muto

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Current status

Being telemedicine-enabled since October 2019, UBERDOC is now actively used by patients and doctors all over the US. We’re getting user feedback, performing fixes, resolving issues and making some minor improvements on a monthly basis.

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