Product Consulting

To make a superb app, it’s not enough to have a brilliant idea. We partner with our clients to consider key success factors and create a winning product strategy.

We call the first stage of the EGO workflow the Takeoff stage. Takeoff starts with a client’s presentation of their product idea and discussion of how they see it being implemented.

Then we dive into a thorough analysis of our client’s business domain, market challenges, product positioning, and customer profiles.

  • Analyzing the client’s domain
  • Writing customer/user profiles
  • Setting product goals
  • Drawing up a requirements document

During a workshop with our client that can last up to five business days, we brainstorm the vision of a beautifully built, competitive, and functional digital product that brings value to users.

A consumer app that’s built on a deep understanding of the market, environment, and customers’ needs and pains will offer great value for end users. It will also promote the client’s business growth, delivering measurable business outcomes.

An enterprise app built with a focus on specific and functional needs of your business will increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency by simplifying business processes.