Prototyping is an invaluable opportunity to validate your idea and make improvements to your product.
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Building a digital product is never just putting your idea into action precisely as it exists in your mind. The golden rule is that all your thoughts about product implementation are hypotheses that we should prove or disprove.

In some cases, as prototype makers we do that to make your product polished and attractive. In other cases, we do it to verify if there’s any demand for it.

A prototype is a product simulation presented in an interactive mockup that’s aimed at validating your idea. It’s a relatively quick and inexpensive way to try out the product design and get valuable user feedback before investing money in further engineering.

Product prototype:

  • Provides an understanding of the product’s look and feel
  • Reveals potential issues and threats at early stages
  • Shapes the final design before getting down to code
  • Helps persuade investors that the product is worth investing in

By visualizing your idea with a prototype, we help you save time and money on pointless development and long back-and-forth conversations with potential vendors.

The EGO Prototype development company develops the prototype of your product idea, then refers it to you and your end users for examination. Based on the feedback, we make changes and improve the specifications and the prototype. After several revisions it becomes polished and ready for the next stage of engineering.

As a result, you get the digital product that the market lacks and that users love.

Our clients SAY

We brought their ideas to life

EGO have helped us, as a startup, to make the most of our seed funding, and have helped deliver a complex iOS and Android mobile apps. This development team has always delivered work to a very high standard.
Chris Leow
Chief Technology Officer, iBlast Pte Ltd
We’ve appreciated their professionalism and their ability to think outside the box. I’ve worked with offshore firms in the past, and it’s rare to find a group that takes a creative approach. They work proactively to confront complex challenges.
Joel DeGan
Founder, Ziptenant