Engage Your Users With Stunning Design And Animation 

Stand out among clones and boring competitors with emotional design, a conversion-rocketing approach making your UI bright and memorable.
UI/UX Audit



HK$ 36,200

5-day delivery
UI analysis
Usability analysis
Platform guidelines review
Product presentation



HK$ 36,200

6-day delivery
Icon animation
Button animation
Preloader animation
Collage animations
Other micro animations



HK$ 45,250

12-day delivery
Starter plan contents
Image animations

See our design in action!

What’s included

UI Analysis

We study the functionality, adaptability, responsiveness, graphic component, and emotions your product prompts.

Usability Analysis

We analyze how easy it is to use your product, look for controversial points, and make our suggestions for improvement.

Platform guidelines review

A quick analysis of how the platform guidelines are followed to suggest further improvements.

Product presentation

A presentation with all mentioned deliverables, analytics, and design improvement suggestions.

What’s included:

Animations for 5 collages, 10 icons, 3 types of preloaders, 3 types of buttons.


Make your app stand out by improving its presentation via UI animations.
Included: animations for 5 collages.


Add liveliness, elegance and\or fun to your app's look and feel.
Included: animations for 3 types of preloaders.


Improve visual hierarchy, direct users' attention, and increase clarity.
Included: animations for 10 icons.


Ensure visual continuity, user engagement, and system feedback.
Included: animations for 3 buttons.

What’s included

Starter package: animations for 5 collages, 10 icons, 3 types of preloaders, 3 types of buttons 
Plus 10 illustrations.


Make a strong first impression with short animated images.


Highlight emotions you want to convey and add humor.


Improve the clarity of how-to content and instructions.


Normalize cognitive load with purpose-based animations.

What’s included

Basic package: animations for 5 collages, 10 icons, 3 types of preloaders, 3 types of buttons, 10 illustrations and 3D animations for 10 illustrations.


Add action and thoughtfulness to your app via 3D animations.


Make interaction with your app memorable and immersive.


Improve brand recall and recognition through 3D realism.


Achieve clarity via interface simplicity and clear animations.