EGO is a Studio of Diligent Experts

We are a cozy team of creative app junkies who appreciate and promote our company’s friendly atmosphere, cohesion, and close relations, which is often lacking at large software development companies.
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We share EGO’s relationship style with our clients and partners. To make them feel as though they can rely on us and are assured that the result of our collaborations will exceed their expectations. And we definitely deliver these results.
At EGO, we are all involved in handling challenges and coming up with brilliant ideas for your project to deliver you an excellent product. Why do we do it? Here’s the simple explanation:

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We really care about the results you’ll get from us.

Our Mindset

We’re not only app creators, we’re also active app users. And we create great apps because we’re tired of mediocre ones.

Think about an ordinary weekday. You start the day with mobile applications. First thing in the morning, you check Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed, email, your to-do list, and other apps on your smartphone in an effort to keep up with everything happening in the world (and particularly in your life). We do the same.
We use mobile apps in nearly every situation and can’t imagine even a day without them. Like most people, we sometimes bump into low-quality apps, so we understand the pain caused by poor usability, frequent crashes, and crappy design (which sometimes even makes us want to hurt the designer)!

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We believe that everyone deserves beautiful, useful, and reliable apps – so we create them. Because we care!

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Clutch top developers Ukraine badge
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We create apps that your users want

Since we’re ordinary app users every day, we understand users’ needs and can identify their pain points. We know exactly how to develop apps that your users will want. Captivate your clients with your app’s usability, charm, and utility, resulting in loyalty to your brand, product, or service.

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Our Story

EGO gained expertise in Healthcare and Financial markets.

EGO was started by a single designer, Eugene Polyansky, who began designing websites and CMSs for clients from Switzerland at his humble office in Donetsk, Ukraine.

EGO formed a partnership with Jaybird Marketing Group, a Denver-based web and marketing consulting agency. Together, they opened Jaybird’s Ukrainian R&D office with Eugene as the head officer. Their work on web and mobile apps began.

Jaybird experienced financial difficulties. In order to keep jobs for its Ukrainian employees, EGO started looking independently for projects to work on.

EGO started work on its first independent projects, BlastOut and Point Topic. Besides, this year EGO became a Xamarin Authorized Partner.

The partnership between EGO and Jaybird ended. Later, the dramatic events in Eastern Ukraine caused the EGO office to move. EGO set up an office in Dnipro, Ukraine and in Krasnodar, Russia.

EGO was declared one of the Leading App Developers in Ukraine by Clutch.

The Dnipro office moved to Kiev, and a new EGO representative office was opened in Boston. EGO’s designer Dmitry got into the top ten of the Russian Design Cup finalists.