QA & Testing

We test your product not only to ensure your app works. We also do it to understand how users interact with the app and provide them with the best user experience possible.

It’s not just about crashes and bugs. QA specialists guarantee that a product meets your requirements and solves the problems it’s supposed to. At EGO, we also use manual and automated testing to try products in various use cases.

Along with confirming that a product performs properly, app testing helps us understand how users interact with product features. There’s always some room for improvement. We observe users’ interactions and collect behavioral patterns. Based on these observations, we create the best user experience possible.

Manual testing

We test your app under various network conditions and with multiple testing techniques to check edge cases. Manual testing allows us to develop a better UX by giving us a deeper understanding of the user experience.

Automation tools

We reduce testing time and costs by using automation tools and running scripts so you stay within budget and we get your product ready for a timely release.

User acceptance testing

This is the most essential and the final phase of testing. To prevent surprises after the product is rolled out and to make sure that it can handle real-world use, we put an app into end users’ hands and observe how they interact with it.