Project Management

Our project managers not only concentrate on making your product lucrative; they also keep in mind that the project costs and delivery time have to remain within established limits.

After the Project Strategy phase ends, we usually have a project vision, roadmap, prototype, software requirement specification, and artifacts. With this set of documents in hand, we’re ready to get on to development.

Our project management model is based on openness, transparency, and flexibility thanks to Agile development methodologies. Agile is one of the most powerful approaches to development. It supports the coordinated work of the product team and encourages communication between you and our specialists.

The Scrum framework helps us stay agile during the whole development lifecycle. To roll out a valuable product, you should quickly adapt to changing demand in the rapidly transforming market. Thanks to Scrum, we can make changes to the next sprint without breaking the development process.  

Jira is a visualization tool that we use to keep a handle on the pulse of development. Working with Jira boards gives us insights into the workflow, reduces wasteful processes, increases process flexibility, and speeds up development.  

When EGO is managing your project, all your demands are met, your team’s efficiency is measured, and your shiny product is rolled out on time and within budget. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy collaborating with us.