QA & Testing

We test your product not only to ensure your app works. We also do it to understand how users interact with the app and provide them with the best user experience possible.
EGO team doing cross-browser testing

It’s not just about crashes and bugs. QA specialists guarantee that a product meets your requirements and solves the problems it’s supposed to. At the EGO software testing services company, we also use manual and automated testing to try products in various use cases.

Along with confirming that a product performs properly, app testing helps us understand how users interact with product features. As a penetration testing company we know there’s always some room for improvement. We observe users’ interactions and collect behavioral patterns. Based on these observations, we create the best user experience possible.

Manual testing

We test your app under various network conditions and with multiple testing techniques to check edge cases. Manual testing allows us to develop a better UX by giving us a deeper understanding of the user experience.

Automation tools

We reduce testing time and costs by using automation tools and running scripts so you stay within budget and we get your product ready for a timely release.

User acceptance testing

This is the most essential and the final phase of testing. To prevent surprises after the product is rolled out and to make sure that it can handle real-world use, we put an app into end users’ hands and observe how they interact with it.

Our clients SAY

We brought their ideas to life

The team follows instructions to the letter, carefully producing a high-quality product that meets the requirements laid out before them. They communicate well despite a large time and geographical distance, ensuring they are accessible, dedicated, and accommodating.
Michael Goldrich
CEO, BabbleStash
The app recently launched and is already garnering positive response. EGO Creative Innovations managed the project well and were quick to respond. They resolved issues quickly and are easy to work with.
David Waldenbäck
Co-Owner, E-Learning Startup
EGO's portion of the solution performed smoothly and met the internal staff's expectations. EGO was accessible and responsive throughout the process. Their willingness to answer any questions, revise code, and devote additional resources kept the project moving forward.
Sean Matthews
Cofounder, Left Hook Digital
The client had at least 3 times ROI on the blackjack game that EGO Creative Innovations developed. The firm also demonstrated good technical knowledge as well as great English speaking skills. They performed well while getting the job done fast in an organized and timely manner.​
Matt Rodgers
Director, WildTangent, Inc
Our company has been working with EGO for a year and a half and we have been pleased with our working relationship. They are always responsive, tackle complications and project snags head on and with integrity.
Terrance L.
Chief Product Officer
EGO have helped us, as a startup, to make the most of our seed funding, and have helped deliver a complex iOS and Android mobile apps. This development team has always delivered work to a very high standard.
Chris Leow
Chief Technology Officer, iBlast Pte Ltd
I worked with EGO development team on a 14 month project of rapid scrum development. The team is highly skilled in modern development, and best practices. I can’t recommend them enough. Would work with again, would recommend to a friend.
James Mountain
Lead, Point Topic