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We work with Xamarin since its very beginning, so in 2016, Microsoft decided we’d be good mentors and invited us to take part in their educational hackathons. Learn more about this story in the post.

February 15, 2017
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If you belong to the European IT-community, you may know that in 2016, from October till December, Microsoft was holding a set of educational hackathons in 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. You may even have taken part in this event, haven’t you? So we definitely met there!

For those who were not informed about the event, we give the details: Xamathon  (Xamarin + Hackathon) was held for developers with experience in Xamarin and want to extend their knowledge in mobile app development with Xamarin by using Azure.

We knew beforehand that this significant event will be in these parts, and we were not going to miss an opportunity to visit it. We have been working with Xamarin from ”its cradle” since 2011, when it just “came to life”.  We love to design attractive and complex applications using this framework, that`s why we strive to keep our knowledge up to date and development skills up to snuff.

You can’t even imagine our surprise when Microsoft representatives got in touch with us and invited our leading Xamarin experts to participate in their hackathon in Kiev and Moscow as mentors!

The leftmost guy, a broad-shouldered intellectual – our tech lead Vladimir Kuzmenko. Through one to the right, a raven-head bearded guy – Xamarin specialist Kirill Matienko.

This time our specialists visited an instructive event, as well as took on the role of experts whose mission was to share their knowledge and experience with other participants in development, testing and monitoring Xamarin and Azure mobile apps.

The guys shared, helped and even promoted the success of the team which took the third place in the competition. They managed all the stuff!

After the event, we got an order from the company which name we, unfortunately, can’t mention due to NDA issues. But this is quite a different story. The story for our portfolio.

P.S. Besides sharing our best practices on special events we also carry out internal meetups about Xamarin tools usage. At these meetups our experts transfer their knowledge to other team members and anyone who wants to make a progress in this area. Moreover, we write and publish articles and lectures on this topic in our blog. All the video records are on open access, welcome to our meetup center!

Interested in development with Xamarin? Then, we are ready to use our knowledge and talents to your benefit! Contact us to discuss your idea and let’s not waste your time and get down to your project!

devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation

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