Web Usability Checklist: 130 Reasons To Make People Love Your Site

If you want to find usability bottlenecks on your site, check it against this list.

January 18, 2022
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Digital businesses and online stores need quick and reliable ways to improve their effectiveness, and following essential best practices is a good way to start. 

As an outsource web design company, EGO Creative Innovations has been present on the market for over 15 years. During this time, we’ve collected a wealth of best practices on website usability and design. 

Following our clients’ requests, we decided to share them publicly. To get an extensive PDF list consisting of 130 best UX practices covering 25 various aspects of websites, feel free to get in contact with us. 

Or you can take a sneak peek at it by checking out 30+ most straightforward of these practices in the blog post below. Please note they don’t include practices for online stores that are present in the PDF document. 

Top priority

Google’s PageSpeed Insights provides extensive data on your website speed. Source: EGO


W3C is one of the most popular HTML & CSS validators nowadays. Source: EGO


EGO has the logo and the contacts button in the top area of all site pages. Source: EGO

Design and element placing


The first screen at Tease includes half of the Best Sellers block to let you get interested in the products. Source: EGO

The cursor and clickable elements


The cursor is a hand icon when it’s hovered on a clickable category image. Source:



The Clear Fields button here looks different than Send Message (though still too close)


When the cursor hovers the link, notice how they both change. Source: 

Communication with clients

The Quick Shop Button puts the item into your cart and immediately offers to proceed to checkout. Source:

Feedback form

devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation

Contacts page

Urban Outfitters allows finding the store within 25-100 miles or via the list of its 263 stores, each having a separate contacts page.

Online chat


You immediately see the photos and names of our UI/UX design agency people who will respond to you. Source: EGO


An example of unobtrusive breadcrumbs on the Harvard site

Main menu

Typical menu design for most service companies


An example of a well-done search on 


Form fillup


Many services today follow the best agency web design tips and split the signup process into two stages. First, they ask for the email. Source:

Signup procedure 


If you have an online store, offering sign-in with Amazon will be handy. Source:


         - the user receives a pop-up message about adding an item to the cart

         - the user sees the animation of sending the goods to the cart (which helps the user notice where the cart is)

         - the cart icon visually changes to show the number of items in it and their total cost.


A typical scenario in 2021: after adding an item into the cart, it appears as a pop-up frame on the right. Source:

         - sees the thank you page and the explanation of further actions

         - the user selects the channel through which they want to receive notifications on the order and its status.



A payment confirmation message with confetti. Source: Dribble

Bottom line

Over time, this list will inevitably change. People change their habits, new technologies better usability solutions. Still, the quality of your product is majorly defined by how well it fits today’s trends.

As a UI design agency, we see how 3D elements, gradients, animations, minimalistic icons, and pastel colors regularly help sites and apps stand out among slower competitors and win awards. Combined with top usability, it will make your users stay with you for a long time. So, investing effort in it is worth the cause.

And if you’re having troubles facelifting your site proceed to get a free consultation.

devops ninja animation

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