UI & UX. Confused?

This is just a simple post explaining important differences between the terms User interface and User Experience that will help you better understand your product and your team.

January 18, 2019
Olha Soroka, Yanina Noel
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The terms UI and UX are popular in creative environments. They’ve overwhelmed the internet. Engineers and designers use them in their daily work. Here’s a simple guide to these terms to clarify what they really mean.

UI & UX in simple words

Imagine that your digital product — a website or an app — is a house. The code is the foundation and frame that shape it.

In a house, the walls, rooms, doors, and windows define the User Experience (UX). Once upon a time, someone left an opening in a wall so it would be brighter in the house and so they could see anyone approaching and enter the house. Later, someone decided it was better to walk through a door, and thus the door was designed.

Then someone’s wife decided to make the house more cozy and arranged its furnishings — the User Interface (UI). The UI determines the house’s appearance and convenience for its residents.

UX makes the interface user-friendly

UX design is the process of identifying and solving problems to make an interface user-friendly. You don’t notice the results of a UX designer’s work as long as everything works well. But if you think, What should I click next? then you’re facing an ill-conceived UX.

How can you create a really good UX? Just make all the interface elements as simple and easy to use as possible!

What does the UX consist of?

What does the UX designer do?
A UX designer reviews user groups, builds the app structure, and defines user scenarios. They ensure that the mobile application meets users’ needs.

Should we trust UX?
Good UX doesn’t guarantee a product’s commercial success. After all, a user’s experience is subjective. It’s also crucial to take into account the UX offered by rivals!

UI makes interfaces cute

UI design is the process of transitioning a product from studies and mockups to a beautiful application or website. First impressions count, so your app should be gorgeous!

What does the UI consist of?

How can you create a really good UI? Generally, the designer doesn’t invent anything brand new. They search for successful designs and borrow the coolest ideas as a basis for their own designs.

What does the UI designer do?

The UI designer transforms the UX designer’s insights into visual elements and images. They’re responsible for how users feel about the product from the visual point of view.

A UI designer’s work is to tell a story. A user should completely understand how to use an application or a website without any effort and should know where to click and how to find something.

We hope that you now better understand the differences between UX and UI design and what role they play in product development. Check out some great examples of UX and UI design and feel free to request samples of designs we’ve made for businesses like yours!

devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation

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