Tongullman Starts Partnership With EGO

Japanese market demonstrates growing demand in the UI/UX services. To amplify its expertise in the area and meet the demand, the Japanese digital creative production firm Tongullman has partnered with EGO Creative Innovations.

October 26, 2021
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Tongullman was established in 2012 in Japan as a creative tech firm offering web and mobile app development services in their area. Now they are involved in all aspects of creation in the digital domain for both Japanese and global markets. That includes building websites, applications, systems, providing all kinds of solutions for xR, IoT, and hardware, and video production services.

And now, to strengthen their UI\UX expertise, which is crucial for any interactive project, they are partnering with us.

How It All Started

According to Tongullman, Japanese businesses show increasing interest in European UI/UX practices. Offering sophisticated yet clean looks, European design patterns and trends are meticulously thought out and focus on intuitiveness and usability.

At the same time, the word "Tongull" in Japanese means "sharp, cutting-edge, unique". And that’s how the company characterizes and positions the quality of its services. To provide their clients with top-notch European UI/UX, Tongullman decided to expand their expertise by partnering with European companies possessing the necessary experience and level of skills.

And they started their search with Ukraine.

As a company established in 2005 in Ukraine, EGO Creative Innovations has always been hunting for local talents. Ukraine has long been recognized as the biggest and most promising IT and software development spot for both small and large businesses in Europe. Strong background in advanced science and mathematics provided by Ukrainian schools and institutes makes the country's engineers and creatives in demand all over the world in all things digital.

It is thanks to Ukrainian talents that our company has been recognized as a leading app developer by Clutch and continues to stay afloat and grow through the second world crisis caused by pandemics. We started as a small development firm with a deep focus on UX/UI, and have grown into a full-cycle digital consulting firm helping our clients to not only build but also set up and design successful products.

And our UX/UI department now comprises 14 professionals. It is a dream team of contractors and full-time experts dedicated to providing superior, high-quality output. We follow best emotional design practices to help get remembered and loved by users. For that, we leverage unique know-hows in micro animations and 3D graphics. As a result, our clients observe growing user engagement indicators for the cost much lower than offered by the competition.

When we explained this approach to Tongullman in detail and pictures, they saw an excellent opportunity to amplify their UX/UI expertise and introduce innovative services to the Asian market.

– We love what we do so much we constantly look for ways to expand our business expertise and deepen our technical knowledge. Due to that, we currently prefer to expand globally via partnerships with local companies. And I'm thrilled to announce the partnership with Tongullman Inc., a Japanese company with creative awards from Cannes Lions, CLIO, and The One Show.

~ Eugene Polyansky, CEO at EGO Creative Innovations Ltd.

In 2021, Tongullman Inc. has started providing UI/UX services in alliance with EGO Creative Innovations to deliver modern, great-looking, and universal designs and meet the needs of their clients in Japan and beyond.

To learn more about our partnership, check out Tongullman’s UI/UX services page.

About Tongullman

Tongullman, Inc. operates as a digital creative and technical production group with a head office in Osaka, and branches in Tokyo (Japan) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). If you have a project to work on in AR, VR, MR, motion control, IoT, custom hardware, or event production, learn more about Tongullman via

devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation
devops ninja animation

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