Russian Design Cup: the most winning ideas

Our Lead Designer Dima Ivanov took part in Russian Design Cup and got into the TOP 10 most creative and talented finalists. In this post he explains the challenges he faced during the competition.

February 9, 2017

A wide-known among Russian audience competition for professional UI/UX designers Russian Design Cup was held at the end of 2016. Our designer Dima Ivanov was taking a part in this competition from 10th October to 21st December and got into the top ten of the most creative and talented finalists.

The competition offered challenging and sophisticated tasks. That’s why the participants’ solutions were non-standard, practical and some of them even anticipated the expectations. Most of works present brand new ideas for business and of new mobile apps development having no analogs in app stores yet.

Russian Design Cup is an open competition for everyone who wants to prove themselves and show their stuff in UI/UX design. The participants deal with real life tasks from large companies, with different platforms, new gadgets, and tricky job interview tasks. The competition tests creativity, that’s why there could be several brilliant and winning solutions for one challenge. The jury verdict depends on originality and practical value of presented ideas.

I am really keen on challenges, so I decided to join the RDC competition. The tasks promised to be interesting and I couldn’t wait to test myself along with the other experienced guys.
Dmitriy Ivanov, lead Ui/ux Designer

The competition runs in three stages – the qualifying, the second and the third round. Participants get several particular tasks on each stage. They have to come up with solutions and present them to the jury. Dima successfully passed all three stages, and we are proud to present you the result of his endeavors.

It’s getting really tough: warm-up

For the qualifying round, IT-specialists prepared a quite appetizing task. The designers were asked to solve such a difficult culinary task as a properly cooked delicious juicy steak. In other words, they had to invent the way to help a beginner not to screw up a steak. The choice of solution was left for participants’ imagination – it could be an instruction, an application or something else.

Dima’s solution looked handy and practical, it was the application Steak Lovers. It is a reliable assistant in cooking of perfect steaks. He will guide you from the very first (and not trivial) step – the learning about the steak types and the choice of suitable meat –  to serving a dish.

Each detail is important, that’s why Dima considered all the factors: quality and thickness of meat, cooking method, and kitchen equipment, meat temperature, number of persons. If an amateur cook has some additional questions, the friendly built-in chatbot will answer them.

Something new in ICQ

In the second round, one of the tasks was to put forward the concept of the AR technology and facial recognition usage for communication in ICQ. Dima revealed one of the weaknesses of the applications and services that offer masks mostly just as a fun way of communication. They all overlooked one of the common video communication problems – the problem of “improper background”. There are situations when we are trapped by a sudden call from a client out of a presentable office or from relatives in a messy apartment and the background is really improper for communication. Dima landed a willing hand to anyone who occasionally gets into such a scrape. He proposed to implement Live Wallpapers in ICQ. The wide set of backgrounds to fit every taste will perfectly solve the problem.

The story gets better

Besides the described above, Russian Design Cup competition offered some other challenging tasks.

Test yourself just out of curiosity. What solution would you offer?

Do you have any intricate ideas? Would you like to know how Dima handled these tasks and want to derive inspiration from the works of other talented participants? Follow the links and discover outstanding ideas in beautiful and creative presentations on the official Russian Design Cup website!

Got no ideas and just impressed by the way we come up with exciting and selling solutions? Then, let’s discuss what we can do for you!

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