Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Web Development for Your Startup

Check out 10 most important reasons to outsource web development and learn whether it is a good idea to use it in your business (Spoiler: it is).

March 2, 2018

New projects in the IT sphere emerge every minute and bring companies large amounts of money, as they are incredibly demanded by society. The Internet has covered almost all areas of our everyday life, as it often serves as a portal between different people and industries. So, nowadays, web development meets very different needs of its customers; you go to the Internet to search for information, to order products, to communicate, to run your business, etc.

And, here, the question always arises: which website or application should you use? Due to the high level of competitiveness, the work of web developers should involve the best strategies. One of the crucial issues here, that lots of search requests are dedicated to, is the usage of outsourcing while starting a new project. In this article, we are going to resolve this question by telling you more about the pros and cons of outsourcing web development and whether it is a good idea to use it in your business (spoiler: it is). So, let’s have a look at the key reasons to outsource web development.

Customer Focus

As statistics show, the outsourcing industry is mostly based on information technology outsourcing rather than business process outsourcing. This is definitely not a coincidence, as it is very important to conduct continuous market analysis, focus on your money turnover and contact customers. In such conditions, it may be hard to still keep a careful eye on your web development management. That is why it seems like a simple and efficient strategy to look for a suitable outsource website development service. Meanwhile, you can focus on the core business issues of your project. The only disadvantage here may be the way external (and, probably, foreign) teams will manage your product, but it can be easily solved by productive networking.

Cost Reductions

One of the most important reasons why entrepreneurs opt for outsourcing is a wish to reduce the price of their projects. This can be done by finding an outsourcing team for startups in another country where it may be cheaper. Top destinations are China, India, and Indonesia, which are famous for their professional and relatively cheap IT services. You may also not need to go so far by doing the so-called nearshoring to rely on some of your neighbors if it can help you achieve better financial results. This is especially typical for European countries, as lots of them are said to have brilliant software developers.

Professional Support

Very often, outsourcing website development is done to avoid the risk of failing the project. Supposing you have a young team and this is your first startup, you will definitely feel very nervous and will likely be eager to attract professionals. Even for an experienced team, it would be a good idea to hire a partner who can perform quality assessments and help to build the best possible project. It may sound surprising, but that was the story with the famous Chinese eCommerce conglomerate Alibaba, which, in the beginning of its history, sought help from the U.S. firm.


Choosing a team that has been formed long ago and is now a well-oiled machine, can be a successful approach, too. If your company is still young, the problems that come with decision making when planning to outsourсe web development projects of yours may lie partially in the lack of formal professional experience. The challenge here is also related to having too loose connections between different members of the group. The team, where work runs smoothly and swiftly, may become a sort of guide and teach you real teamwork.

All the Trifles

Even if your team is highly professional, it may still lack the knowledge to deal with specific issues, like user experience, custom design, or quality assurance. All the developers know how important it may become for future success in a competitive market. In this case, you will definitely need to consult with the experts, but actually hiring a new employee to your team may not pay for itself, in the long run. Using your outsourcing partner’s experience in these fields may take your project to a new level. That was the story with Slack, that outsourced its logo and design.


When it comes to the scalability of the projects aimed at continuous growth, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of outsourcing web development. With it, you can segment your services during peak activity periods and base some of them on outside developers. Also, executing scalability requires certain software and hardware infrastructure that your native company may not possess.

New Ideas

One of the major pros of outsourcing website development is actually referring to people from the outside, who have never heard of your project before. An external team may not only produce effective solutions for already existing web development problems that you face, but also come up with some new ideas and a fresh vision of the whole project.

If you work together close enough, and are sure of your partners’ support, you may spend some time discussing unusual possibilities for your project’s growth and realize it is even more productive than you had thought. Some difficulties may arise only if your outsourcing team does not agree with your vision of the product at all. This case is rather common and, here, we have only one tip for you: find another partner.

Background Work

Launching a project from scratch can be a huge pain in the neck, even for a motivated developer. This often means that your team will work long hours under stress and face a lot of tension inside the group. Sharing a part of your responsibilities with external colleagues may simply mean more rest and less pressure.

Reliability Matters

When you sign an actual agreement with an outsourcing company and pay money for it to make your project the best of all, it is quite literally its duty to do so. From now on, the company becomes responsible for the part of work it promised to do, and, if you have looked for the right company, you can always rely on them. They will do their best to fulfill your wishes.

Time Issues

Time is money, and you know that very well. When launching a new project, you will almost inevitably have a strict deadline. You know how important it is to appear on the market before your main competitors. We have already mentioned that, apart from running web development itself, you will be busy with dozens of other problems, too. In such conditions, feverishly hiring new people or trying to overload your current team to meet the deadlines are both poor choices. The same cannot be said for involving a company that will outsource website development services.


In this article we have shown you how effective outsourcing website development can be. It may have crucial benefits for your company and bring your business to the next level. If you need any help in terms of outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you.

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