IoT Trends and Challenges in 2019

The Internet of Things impresses us with new useful applications on a daily basis. In this blog post, we’ll examine new IoT trends and find out what the technology can offer in the near future.

August 19, 2019

The last decade was all about hyped up technology. New forms of connection, an enhanced user experience we could never imagine, a ton of workplace and entertainment possibilities - those were all the things we’ve seen thanks to the rise of hi-tech. Undoubtedly, people are curious as to where the tech current will lead next, especially when it comes to upcoming trends in IoT 2019.

IoT has already given us dozens of useful applications - connected devices for homes, smart driving tools, the ability to create sensors to track and record sensible data. The technology is clearly still in development - and we’re eager to see what comes out of it. 

Let’s explore the dominant trends in IoT that will change how industries apply the technology as well as how the overall tech landscape moves forward. 

  1. The introduction of 5G
  2. Products aimed for convenience
  3. IoT legal regulations
  4. Pairing IoT with cloud computing
  5. Voice-controlled IoT technologies
  6. Improving IoT hardware

1.The introduction of 5G

In tech circles, everybody is well aware of what a major shift the introduction of 5G connection will offer. For one, the connection speeds will skyrocket to unheard of rates (20GB/s, for instance) - which will offer a new level of comfort at work and home. 

In addition, 5G connection builds upon the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) capacities that 4G is offering us today. This means an increase in frequency range and a bandwidth improvement that will bring an impressively low latency level. 

5G is undoubtedly one of the main trends in IoT (Internet of Things). It stands at the core of almost every IoT product. Its reliability and high speed will improve V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, make the development process easier by reducing system slowdowns, improve the public safety of device-to-device communication, and more. 

As to who’s expected to be the frontrunner in the 5G connectivity race, the following companies are on the top of the list so far:

2. Products aimed for convenience

After examining the market, it’s evident that people are mostly interested in using IoT to improve their immediate personal needs - including more efficiency and productivity at home and at work, a better understanding of what’s happening inside our body, data on our daily habits use our devices, etc. 

According to an IoT report at GrowthEnabler, the most common applications of the Internet of Things are the following:

It’s clear that convenience is one of the latest trends in Internet of Things. And this field is developing at an impressive pace. According to Statista, by 2022 the global size of the smart home market is expected to grow to over 40 million dollars. Smart door locks, home apps, connected kitchens, Bluetooth trackers, and more - these are all the innovations that are going to become commonplace over the next decade. 

Companies like Nest, Amazon, Philips, Samsung are the leaders in the smart home market today. Their IoT contributions are going to continue to dominate the market over the next five years.

3. IoT legal regulations

As technology develops and offers us new approaches to daily activities, healthcare, and security, so grows the risk of invasion from new forms of malware. It’s important to understand that hackers and virus creators get to benefit from the latest trends in IoT as well. 

What comes out of this is the need for regulative mechanisms for the Internet of Things. While it’s obvious that technology and legislation have different paces - politics are always struggling to keep up with innovations - the worldwide governments are already pushing through the regulations. Let’s take a look at what has already been done:

It’s evident we’d be seeing even more worldwide regulations regarding IoT. For companies, this creates an urgent need to keep up with the new legislation regulations as they might closely touch any innovations you’re implementing within the company. 

4. Pairing IoT with cloud computing

Moving towards cloud computing has made its impact known on the list of current trends in IoT for a few years now. This allows transmitting data to remote storage services with a lower bandwidth. By now, developers mostly use two top providers of cloud infrastructure - Microsoft Azure and AWS. 

Thanks to cloud computing, the developers of IoT devices can have more storage space and thus increase their scalability. Cloud computing increases interconnectivity between devices and increases the pace at which data processes between devices. 

Mainly, with cloud computing, a developer doesn’t have to worry about overestimating and accidentally buying more storage than needed. You can pay for space as you go, which improves agility and scalability. 

As to the leaders in cloud computing, developers can keep an eye on the following data storage providers:

5. Voice-controlled IoT technologies

Voice-controlled interfaces are more flexible and enjoyable to use, which is why they dominate the market. IoT products managed directly via speakers are dominating among recent trends in IoT. Statistics also show that the market is lucrative - according to a VoiceBot report, 20% of adult Internet users would enjoy using smart speakers to manage apps

After battling privacy concerns regarding the use of smart speakers, the leaders in the market (Google with Google Assistant, Amazon with Alexa, Microsoft with Cortana) are finally able to start adopting voice controls in every aspect of a user’s life. 

For instance, Apple and Google are already developing tools that allow drivers to control apps using voice. Software like Radioplayer Car allows a consumer to control the radio while driving. Voice commands have already been testing in healthcare with solutions like Amazon’s KidsMD - a voice-controlled app that allows parents to check on the health of their children. 

It’s clear that voice interfaces are one of the strongest current trends in Internet of Things technology right now - and it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. 

6. Improving IoT hardware

Powerful hardware is among the top recent trends in Internet of Things as a solid way to improve the efficiency of IoT applications. For one, distributed sensors can sense environmental values - moisture, chemical buildups, etc, while the IoT would be able to build upon this data to improve the environment humans live in.

Thanks to smart hardware and the Internet of Things working in synergy, it’s possible to track and optimize power consumption so that users can save more money on their energy bills. With the help of sensors, users can get a better idea of what it takes to prolong the life cycle of a device.

All the possible implications of pairing the Internet of Things with smart hardware are practically endless. We might be able to influence the environmental properties within the house and outside, track down the conditions under which goods are stored and modify these variables, optimize the work of factories, provide users with insights regarding the usage of any device, and much more. 

When it comes to top providers of back-end IoT hardware solutions, the following companies are worth taking a look at: 


IoT is extremely flexible these days - it is already revolutionizing our homes, cars, workspaces, and big institutions like healthcare. Over the next decade, IoT will become even more commonplace and tied into our daily lives. It has certainly become a force to reckon with and can only continue to grow. 

Companies have to make sure they know how to harness the power of such an impressive technology before the market becomes too crowded to begin with. There are dozens of possible IoT applications for your company - you just have to find and build the right one. 

Ego-cms is happy to have your back in creating an IoT-based software or implementing the technology into a product you’ve already created. We’re a team of experienced and passionate developers who have worked on dozens of successful projects for big companies and startups alike.

You can take a look at all the solutions our experts at Ego-cms have created or contact us and discuss your future product. We’ll make sure to bring out the best in your idea and impress you and your users with an innovative and enjoyable result. 


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