EGO Moves To A New Office in Hong Kong!

The title says it all – we'd like to boast about our new Hong Kong office!

December 1, 2020
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When entrepreneurs start their very first businesses, they are all focused on addressing tons of actual problems and rarely imagine where their activity might lead them. 

The same happened with the CEO of EGO Creative Innovations. Eugene Polyanskiy founded the web application development company back in 2005 in an industrial city in Eastern Europe. Fast forward, and in 2020 the company has one primary office in Hong Kong, two R&D offices in Eurasia, and sales representatives in Japan, Singapore, Spain, the UK, and the US. And we continue to expand our presence!

And in this post, we'd like to notify our clients and partners that we moved to another office in Hong Kong. 

Our previous place of presence, Two Chinachem Plaza, 68 Connaught Road Central, will remain EGO’s business address. 

A photo from Google Maps

Two Chinachem Plaza is a 26-story skyscraper in the Central District, on the north shore of Hong Kong Island. It's the part of the city where it is always crowded on the streets, ads light up buildings throughout the night, and you can't stop your heart from echoing the business beat of the city. 

No wonder that when we decided to rent a better office, we didn't want to leave that northern part of the island.

So our new office is in Central Plaza, in the Wan chai district of the Hong Kong island.

A photo from Google Maps

Central Plaza is a 78-story skyscraper at 18 Harbour Road. When we found out about an office for rent there, we were amazed by its height. It’s 374 meters! Turned out, it's the third tallest building in West Kowloon.

Although Wan Chai borders with Central District, it feels different. While Central District was, yes, business-ish, it also featured hyper-luxury hotels and swanky nightclubs. Wan Chai is on the contrary one of the oldest areas of Hong Kong, so here we can often bump into hole-in-the-wall restaurants or wet markets. 

Rushing to Two Chinachem Plaza, we felt ourselves rushing to the feeling of success, imagining ourselves as conquerors of the world. Here, around Central Plaza, making a coffee break in a barely noticeable cake shop nearby or having dinner in an authentic buzzing bodega, we enjoy life more and tend to focus on process and quality rather than result and quantity.

A new office for the company. A new era for our growth.

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