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Done in every modern company, DevOps is a set of essential practices to streamline your development processes. However, when done properly, it’s more than just a set of tasks on setting up necessary software. 

Here’s what you achieve with the EGO DevOps company:

Infrastructure audit
Starting at


4 days delivery
Enhance the visibility of what is going on with your project
CI/CD setup
Starting at


4 days delivery
Improve your development team’s productivity and reduce bootstrap time
Server infrastructure setup
Starting at


4 days delivery
Make system configuration clearer for further optimization or scaling
GDPR-compliant infrastructure
Starting at


2 weeks delivery
Secure your data and minimize the time for detecting possible failures
Note. These special prices are offered within the projects with budgets of ~$58,000 or higher.
If you are interested in a packaged offering only, please contact our Sales Team.

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Over the course of 16 years, our web development services company has been picking only the best and the most reliable software, explored all of its ins and outs, and learned to set it up in a way that fits your business requirements perfectly.

Learn more about the DevOps plans we provide below. The pricing above does not cover all the components listed within the DevOps plans.

DevOps plans we offer

Existing infrastructure analysis

Get structural diagrams, topologies, etc. that will come in handy when transferring the project to another development team or when you want to get a picture of what developers do.

Issue identification

Find out about your infrastructure’ vulnerabilities, outdated software, and irrational or incorrect server software configuration.

Infrastructure cost audit

Get proposals for transferring infrastructure between providers to reduce the grand total.

Instruction writing

Get clear instructions for the company's existing infrastructure to improve its support, maintenance, scaling, and monitoring.

System performance audit

Identify your weaknesses, find out which performance problems you have and how to solve it, etc.

Improvement suggestions

Get proposals on scaling and migrating your infrastructure to cloud services and Kubernetes.


CI/CD services configuration

GitlabCI, GitHub Actions, Circle CI, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeDeploy & CodePipeline, Jenkins, TeamCity.

Code audit for sensitive information

Transfer information like passwords, certificates, access keys, and tokens from your code to secure storage integrated into CI/CD.

CI/CD configuration for a project

Streamline your development processes whether you’re building a product on the frontend, backend, or mobile.

Instruction writing for the CI/CD process

Help your team members quickly get onboard or update the process. 

Application Containerization

It is required for quick debugging, testing, deployment, code verification, porting to Kubernetes, Amazon ECS & EKS, Google GKE.


Server deployment

Deploy and configure all the servers and server equipment and software necessary to get your project up and running.

Software migration

Migrate your software to another server or cloud provider with our web application company. 

Backup setup

Make sure your data, software, configurations, and databases are safe by setting up regular backups.

Domain setup

Set up your domain zones, obtain certificates for your domains, and protect them from hijacking and spoofing.

Work logging

Save logs of how your hardware and server software performed to quickly investigate any possible issues that might pop up.

Mail service configuration

Encrypt your mailbox and let it pass DKIM, SPF, DMARC checks necessary for avoiding spam filters.

Server software update

Bring extra protection by updating your software in the most careful and failsafe way.

Infrastructure description

Speed up deployment, repetition or creation of sandboxes for developers (Terraform, Ansible) by getting your infrastructure described in code.


Collaboration system setup

Perform internal negotiations and negotiations with customers based on a secure and fail-safe system for collaboration and messaging (Mattermost) with load balancing and data replication.

Knowledge Base

Get a Knowledge Base with Markdown markup support based on Ghost.

Code system setup

Deploy and configure code storage and versioning system (GitLab) with agent configuration for automatic code assembly and delivery (GitLabCI).

Helpdesk deployment

Get one of the most advanced customer support systems on the market.

Code delivery systems

Configure CI/CD systems for code building and delivery, including mobile app code delivery to the mobile OS (Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitlabCI, Fastlane) 

Monitoring system setup

Take advantage of Zabbix, Prometheus & Grafana with the EGO DevOps firm.

Password repository setup

Keep your corporate passwords safe from prying eyes using a system based on Passbolt.

Code analyzer setup

Take advantage of SonarQube, the enterprise code quality, and vulnerability analyzer.

Jira and Confluence setup

Install and set up a self-hosted issue tracking system and project software (Jira) and shared team workspace (Confluence).

VPN configuration

Configure corporate VPN on remote servers (can include access configuration UI).

Data storage setup

Build a corporate cloud-based data warehouse with encryption support based on Nextcloud.

Mail configuration

Get your company mail service configured, relay deployed, and SMTP, POP, IMAP server set up with Virtualmin-based anti-virus and anti-spam protection.


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I worked with the EGO development team on a 14 month rapid scrum development project. The team is highly skilled in using all the latest and greatest development techniques, as well as best practices. I can’t recommend them enough. Would work with again, would recommend to a friend.
James Mountain
Lead, Point Topic
Throughout my work with the EGO team, I found them to be highly proficient in respect of their technical capabilities and extremely pleasant too! I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone seeking these services.
Christopher Matthews
Founder, Quorum Club
This development team has always delivered work to a very high standard.
Chris Leow
Chief Technology Officer, iBlast Pte Ltd
We had an issue with one of our certificates a few weeks ago. We messaged them, and they resolved it within 20 minutes. They’re on top of everything.
David Waldenbäck
Co-Owner, E-Learning Startup
Always on top of the work, always delivered, always what we wanted, and it didn’t take long to discuss any issues and get what we did want (to be fair, it was often lack of definition on our side). Great bunch doing great work, will hire them again.
Oliver Johnson
CEO, Point Topic