DevOps Services

High performance and reliability don’t come for granted. 
We’ll help you set up and configure your infrastructure, development tools, and CI/CD services.
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DevOps is an approach aimed to improve the efficiency of every single process taking place in your development team.

The EGO DevOps company department helps its clients in the following ways:

Server Infrastructure Setup

Get that backlog of server tasks finally done: migrate and update your software, set up the backup process, configure your mail service, and more.

We’ll also supply code for quicker sandbox creation if needed.

CI/CD Setup

Check if your CI/CD services are configured well, applications are containerized, and sensitive data you deal with is contained in secure storage.

Onboarding instructions can be created on request.

Infrastructure Audit

Let us analyze your infrastructure and its performance and get a list of issues to address and improvements to consider. 

Cost optimization suggestions are included on demand.

GDPR-compliant Infrastructure

The more you grow, the harder it is to maintain everything. Consider adding things like versioning system, knowledge base, monitoring system, code analyzer, password repository, issue tracking system, and more. And we’ll implement them in no time.

EGO’s Toolkit

  • GitHub Actions, Circle Ci, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeDeploy & CodePipeline
  • Kubernetes, Amazon ECS & EKS, Google GKE
  • Terraform, Ansible
  • Mattermost
  • Markdown-enabled Ghost
  • Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, GitlabCI, Fastlane
  • SonarQube
  • Passbolt
  • JIRA & Confluence
  • Nextcloud

EGO DevOps Agency in Numbers

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Benefits you get with EGO, DevOps services company 

  • Transparent workflow
  • Improved team interaction
  • Coherent infrastructure
  • Automated release process
  • Data and tech protection
  • Automated testing
  • Automated provisioning
  • Enabled scalability
  • Earlier failure detection
  • Foolproof system observability
  • GDPR compliance
  • Seamless software migration

Our clients SAY

We helped them with DevOps, now they’re happier

I worked with the EGO development team on a 14 month rapid scrum development project. The team is highly skilled in using all the latest and greatest development techniques, as well as best practices. I can’t recommend them enough. Would work with again, would recommend to a friend.
James Mountain
Lead, Point Topic
Throughout my work with the EGO team, I found them to be highly proficient in respect of their technical capabilities and extremely pleasant too! I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone seeking these services.
Christopher Matthews
Founder, Quorum Club
This development team has always delivered work to a very high standard.
Chris Leow
Chief Technology Officer, iBlast Pte Ltd
We had an issue with one of our certificates a few weeks ago. We messaged them, and they resolved it within 20 minutes. They’re on top of everything.
David Waldenbäck
Co-Owner, E-Learning Startup
Always on top of the work, always delivered, always what we wanted, and it didn’t take long to discuss any issues and get what we did want (to be fair, it was often lack of definition on our side). Great bunch doing great work, will hire them again.
Oliver Johnson
CEO, Point Topic