Collaboration for Talanted Designers

Seeking talented, up-and-coming designers for a collaborative, long-term partnership!

If you're brimming with ideas, capable of creating stunning websites and mobile apps, love creative challenges and a comfortable work environment, come join us!

🎨 About the Role:

  • This is a remote role with flexible hours that suit your needs.
  • Your task is to develop templates for websites, web apps, and mobile apps of varying complexity using the design framework.
  • Payment is project-based, starting at $100 per template, with the fee varying depending on the project's complexity. 
  • You'll get access to a project backlog and can choose assignments according to your personal preferences. Please note that the development of the simplest project should not take more than two weeks. We provide a comprehensive technical task list and clear instructions for each project.

🎨 Growth Opportunities: 

Upon successful collaboration and mutual agreement, you will have the opportunity to join the team working on client projects and developing TheSprkl UI Kit. Working conditions, in this case, will be discussed individually. Hourly pay.

If you have experience working with Webflow, we would be delighted to discuss special terms for integrated design and development work. If you lack experience but have a desire to learn, we're open to exploring your involvement in development.

💼 Requirements:

  • Experience in website and mobile app design.
  • Proficiency in Figma.
  • Understanding of modern trends and standards in web design and mobile development.
  • Ability to work in a team and interact effectively with other specialists.
  • Responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • If you are non-native English speaker - English language proficiency for reading documentation (tasks and project descriptions are provided exclusively in English) and proficient writing (no "buton," "spasing," "chekboks," etc.).


  • Understanding of CSS, HTML basics.
  • Knowledge and experience with the Webflow platform.
  • Experience using a UI Kit.
  • Conversational English.

🎨 Why should you embark on this journey with us? 

Joining EGO Creative Innovations means contributing to more than just designing website templates. It means being part of something bigger, more impactful. Here's why:

  • Be part of an expansive project, TheSprkl Design System, that spans across multiple platforms like Webflow, Flutter, React, and Figma. It's not just about designing templates, it's about growing as a versatile designer.
  • Your passion and ambition are what drive us. We are looking for those bright-eyed innovators who want more than just experience - they want to make a difference.
  • Every design, template or custom, carries its own set of challenges and goals. Your contribution matters and has the power to bring someone's idea to life.
  • We respect every designer's unique path. Some of you will use this opportunity as a stepping stone, and we are thrilled to be a part of that journey. Others might find a long-term home with us, continuously evolving our product and serving our clients.
  • Your work has the potential to fuel the dreams of small businesses, solopreneurs, startups, and beginners alike. With every design, you create opportunities for others.

This is more than a job. It's a chance to make an impact, a chance to help others grow while growing yourself.

Join us, let's shape the future together.

📩 How to Apply and Conditions of Participation: 

  • To participate in the program and consider your candidacy, a simple test task must be completed. This will help us understand your level and potential. The task conditions can be found HERE.
  • AFTER completing the task, send us your resume, portfolio, and a link to the Figma test task using this FORM.
  • Upon approval of your candidacy, your first task will be to create a PAID pilot mockup of a Landing Page (one-pager). The cost of this project is fixed at $100, which you will receive in any case, even if we decide not to continue working with you.

    a. Payment is guaranteed, hence the need to complete a test task to participate in the program.
    b. Yes, we may terminate the collaboration if, as a result of the pilot project, we conclude that we are not satisfied with the result. 
    c. If the pilot project is successfully completed, subsequent projects and their costs are negotiated and agreed upon BEFORE starting work.
  • All subsequent individual conditions - participation (or training) in Webflow development, creating mobile app templates, participation in the development of TheSprkl, rates are discussed ONLY after the successful completion of the pilot project and subsequent projects (the number of projects and the time required depend on your interest and initiative).
Seeking talented, up-and-coming designers for a collaborative, long-term partnership!

Our clients SAY

We brought their ideas to life

Before EGO Creative Innovations, our lack of an admin portal was making us lose customers because we couldn’t get in touch with them. EGO delivered great quality for our budget and allowed us to do things we weren’t able to do before.
Brianna Socci
Director of operations at UBERDOC, a health technology company
I worked with EGO development team on a 14 month project of rapid scrum development. The team is highly skilled in modern development, and best practices. I can’t recommend them enough. Would work with again, would recommend to a friend.
James Mountain
Lead, Point Topic
The team follows instructions to the letter, carefully producing a high-quality product that meets the requirements laid out before them. They communicate well despite a large time and geographical distance, ensuring they are accessible, dedicated, and accommodating.
Michael Goldrich
CEO, BabbleStash
The app recently launched and is already garnering positive response. EGO Creative Innovations managed the project well and were quick to respond. They resolved issues quickly and are easy to work with.
David Waldenbäck
Co-Owner, E-Learning Startup
With only one assigned developer and one project manager, the tasks were straightforward and communication was clear and reliable. They’re an affordable company with a sufficient amount of experience and a competent team.
Gregory Katz
CoFounder, EHR Systems Firm
The client had at least 3 times ROI on the blackjack game that EGO Creative Innovations developed. The firm also demonstrated good technical knowledge as well as great English speaking skills. They performed well while getting the job done fast in an organized and timely manner.​
Matt Rodgers
Director, WildTangent, Inc
The team was so nice, respectful and professional with me and with my client. They really cared about their work product and it showed. Every meeting started and ended on time and people knew their roles. Nothing was taken for granted.
Jamie “Jae” Mckinney
Founder, Divigner
Throughout my dealings with their team, I found them to be highly proficient in respect of their technical capabilities, and extremely pleasant too! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking these services.
Christopher Matthews
Founder, Quorum Club